Why GUMC.tv was born


Social media devices, specially smartphones, are powerful tools for our  ministry but oftentimes underutilized by church workers, and the church itself.

The General Conference created and supported a Communication Service equipped with the latest software, hardware and technical staff. Unfortunately, the local churches at the grassroots are not equally IT-equipped to receive and feedback information from the ground to the top or global headquarters. Most of the time, clergy and laity at local churches do not that online resources are available.

It is high time for the local church to leverage IT (Infirmation Technology) to rescue its falling church membership and expand its ministry.

We have on our side the Love of Christ, the Bible and the Good News to offer to our people and hyper community.

The local churches, to win over the infornarion battle wage by evil forces, should be trained and educated on the availability of affordable IT, social media services and global information resources.

It is in the context and need assessment above that an education movement is urgently needed.

A training-workshop was conceptualized, and on its way to be realized. Fortunately, Filipino faithfuls in Australia, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul and Manila are the very first congregation to benefit from this leveraging of Information networking project.

Those clergy and laity who will be trained would later need a centralized resource center for reference materials and video tutorials to be able to use when they echo to other members of their local churches what they have learned.

In addition, the video broadcast and other news media to be produced from the activities of their local churches need an online TV outlet for the world to see what is going on on the grassroots level.

Thus, the Grassroots Uniting Ministry for Christ or GUMC.TV was born. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!